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  • Vide CLB Office Order dated 04.09.2014 Shri B.S.V. Prakash Kumar, Member (Judicial) has been given additional charge of the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telegana w.e.f 08.09.2014. The matters relating to the State Of Andhra Pradesh and Telegana will be posted for hearing before him, in Court No.II of CLB, Chennai Bench on the following dates:
    (a) September 2014 - 09.09.2014 to 12.09.2014
    (b) October 2014 - 13.10.2014 to 17.10.2014
    (c) November 2014 - 10.11.2014 to 14.11.2014
    (d) December 2014 - 08.12.2014 to 12.12.2014
    Shri B.S.V. Prakash Kumar, Member (Judicial), will not be available in Court No. II of CLB, New Delhi Bench on the above dates.New

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